Early Bird Bonuses End April 15th!

Also Sold Separately at Early Bird Price That Ends April 15th Below!

In the current times, people are needing different skills, abilities and things than previously. Some have lost their jobs or ability to do their businesses, some have less income, some are bored and need more productive outlets for their energy and some have challenges with several of the above and more.

If you would like to heal what’s in the way of doing any of the following 20 Quintillion x faster:

  • Create new ways to make money.
  • Open up new skills and abilities to expert levels.
  • Improve current skills and abilities to expert levels
  • Create outstanding products, programs and/or services that you can choose to sell or not.
  • Have new hobbies you enjoy.
  • Market your skills and/or wares effectively.
  • Cook better.
  • Woodworking or improve your woodworking skills.
  • Make your own jewelry or clothes.
  • Infuse what you make with Master Level Energy healing.
  • Other: ______________

The Maker Activation and Alignment can help you do all of the above and more!



Will This Program Help Me If I Am Receiving Other Healing For This and/or Similar Challenges?

Yes! It will amplify and work with any healing you are currently doing in this area to improve the results you are getting significantly. This activation and alignment will help you heal what’s in the way of successfully making what you desire 20 Quintillion x faster **  and more effectively than currently.


Special Maker Activations* and Alignments will be sent to you for 12 months to:

  • Open you up to new ideas of what you can make with ease, joy and success.
  • Take your current “Maker Abilities” (skills) to new levels. It will open up and uplevel your skills that are needed to make what you desire successfully and with ease.
  • Align you with actually making what you desire with ease, joy and success. It will clear blocks in the way of you taking action.
  • Support you in marketing effectively and being successful if you want to sell one or more products/programs or services.
  • Open you up to be able to infuse products/programs/services, websites and more and with Master Level Healing energies if so desired.

If health or anything else is in the way of you making the things you desire, you will be supported in making things in a way that works for you.

Special Bonus:

You will have an opportunity to Join Stacey’s Facebook Makers Group for FREE to get Free Maker Activation Upgrades as available. These upgrades will continue after the 12 month program is over. This will also provide you with community to share ideas with and get support.

*These Maker Activations are what Stacey continues to use open up and uplevel her artistic abilities!

They will help people of every age from toddlers to students to adults to seniors!

“I find my husband is newly drawn to watch videos about how to cook. He is actually excited about learning to cook delicious meals for us. This is shocking and exciting. Thank you.”

~ Lisa C.

These things can be anything you desire to make:

Examples could be:

  • Special Online Events or Workshops That are Well Attended
  • Meals
  • Products
  • Articles, blogs, published books, songs, scripts, poetry or anything involving writing.
  • Music
  • School Projects/Good Grades
  • Special Days
  • Special Gifts
  • Great Services
  • New Job and/or Business
  • Gardening/landscaping/water-scaping
  • Jewelry making, woodworking, pottery, art, textiles or any product(s) desired.
  • Open Up Talents/Gifts For the first time or to new levels.
  • Videos
  • New Opportunities that Work Out
  • A Happy and/or Exciting Life
  • A Difference in the World
  • A Healthy Life
  • Products/program/services/websites infused with healing energies.
  • Ability to market/sell what you make successfully.
  • Lots of Money (in ways that work for you)
  • Anything You Want to Make

How it Works:

Source will scan your system 24/7 to find and clear what’s in the way of you making what you desire with ease, joy and success. As hidden blocks are found they are healed.

It will also heal negative beliefs about your ability to do this.

This activation and alignment will help you heal what’s in the way of successfully making what you desire 10 Quintillion x faster ** than and more effectively any other healing method or program.

It will work well with other products or healing meant to help you with this.

After the activations and alignments end in 1 year, you will retain the shifts, healing and abilities gained during the year.

** If you are in my current business coaching program, you get equivalent activations that help you make things related to your business. This new Maker Activation will help participants in my business coaching program also make additional things you desire to make. These are also 20 Quintillion x faster than the maker activation that is sent in the business program.

**If you already have this program, please note it is THE SAME PROGRAM AND HAS BEEN UPLEVELED. You do NOT need to buy it again but can purchase it for other people or another year for yourself. Please keep records of what you buy, for whom and when it ends.

NOTE: These activations and alignments will not overprocess you or conflict with anything you are doing even if you are sensitive. They are customized for each person.

Here’s What Some Have Experienced:

This Attunement is Already Life-Changing For Me!

 I’ve been feeling dramatic shifts in so many delightful ways. After feeling blocked about writing for years, I can easily write essays, lengthy proposals, and articles. I feel an abundant flow of inspiration and ideas. Those business proposals are effortlessly turning into new partnerships, sponsorships, fundraising opportunities, and programming for my film festival. Every proposal I made within the last few weeks builds instant support and momentum from all the desired cooperative components. This attunement is already life-changing for me.


Ideal Clients Showing Up Out of the Blue!

My shifts so far: ideal clients showing up – out of the blue. They pay the fees for my services in advance with ease. And I don´t have to convince them anymore. What a relief!🤗


My Acting Ability is So Much Better!

“I can tell my acting abilities were upleveled. I just did a performance and it was so much better.”

~ Dian

I Was Drawn to an Online Class to Help Me Draw Better!

“I’ve been wanting to draw horses for a long time and found a class that is helping me do this with ease. The class is free and I actually did all the assignments. I now know I can do this.”

~ Frank

My Singing Voice is Better!

“I am hitting notes I didn’t hit before. I was singing this morning and could not believe how good I sound.”

~ Darla N.

I Am Getting My School Work Done!

“I am able to focus and get my assignments done. Before this was very hard for me.”

~ Dan B.

My Creative Juices Are Flowing Again!

“I lost the creative juices when I had my first child. These Maker energies already started for me because I started working on my children illustrations almost obsessively ( in a good way) the last few days!”

~ Anonymous

I Wrote a Book to Completion!

“That is a huge deal as perfection kept getting in the way of finishing it before. I have a publisher who is interested in it which is very exciting. I just started writing a second book. I didn’t plan on it but inspiration hit and I found myself wanting to write it. Thanks so much.”

~ Pamela V.

All of My Vacations Have Been Great Lately!

“During my last vacation I developed health challenges and was grumpy for 2 days but I managed to turn it around and make it into one of my best vacations in a long time!”

~ Karl B.

I Created an Energized Healing Mug!

“My husband wanted an energized healing mug with an image and a particular saying on it. I went online and made him a mug that very day. It looks like something you would buy in a gift shop. I am quite amazed that I was able to make something of this quality, do it so quickly and have it be infused with high level healing. So was he.”

~ Gina G.

I Created my First Workshop!

“I created my first workshop AND attracted someone who wants to offer it to their mailing list. It feels amazing to have created this and to have manifested it being part of a curriculum so quickly.”

~ Frieda H.

I Am Using My Gifts in School!

“I am able to help others with their assignments and it feels good. I am a natural teacher and hope to do this as a career.”

~ Heidi G.

I Made Several Bracelets!

“I made several bracelets that I wear frequently.”

~ Lana V.

Ideas have Been Coming Up About How I Can Create my Life to be Better!

“Ideas have been coming up about how I can create my life to be better. These are things I didn’t consider seriously before due to negative thoughts associated with them. Now they seem like really good ideas. I feel good about them and my ability to implement them.”

~ Lisa R.

We Got Great Ideas For Decorating Our Home!

“My spouse and I got some great ideas for decorating our home. I was surprised as previously we seemed blocked about this. This will really uplevel the appearance of our home.”

~ Paul N.

I Am 83 Years Old and Am Doing More Fun Things!

“I Am Doing More Fun Things! I am 83 years old and was getting bored with my life. Now I find I am having fun doing things I never would have thought of before.”

~ Priscilla S.

I Now Have A Beautiful Website!

“I now have a beautiful website and attracted affordable help to get it done with ease.”

~ Harriet G.

I Created Something Fun to do Every Night This Week!

“I created something fun to do every night this week. I was amazed that I actually followed through on all of them and had a great time at each.”

~ Shelli H.

I Attracted a Volunteer Opportunity that Matches My Political Beliefs!

“I attracted a volunteer opportunity that matches my political beliefs and liked minded peeps to socialize with. It feels great and had been a long time coming.”

~ Gretchen T.

I Have Finally Written Blog Posts!

“I have finally written blog posts after years of feeling blocked.”

~ Fred B.

NEW Early Bird Bonus 1: Ends April 15th!

Health Stimulus Activation and Alignment for LIFE!

(Value $997)

This lifetime health stimulus alignment and activation will stimulate you to do things to help you get healthier! It will help you do this more in the moment as needed. It will help you make wiser choices and support you in doing what’s in your highest and best. It will clear blocks 100s of zillions of times faster to help you do this.

It will be custom for each person in every moment based on their needs and desires. It is sent 24/7 by Source via distance healing.

All health problems are healable but chronic issues often take a long time to heal. This activation will help heal all health issues 100 zillion times faster!

This includes mental, emotional, physical and spiritual challenges including genetic issues.


Will This Health Stimulus Activation Help Me If I Am Receiving Other Healing For Health Challenges?

Yes! It will amplify and work with any healing you are currently doing in this area to improve the results you are getting significantly. This activation will help heal your health challenges and help you do things to improve your health zillions of times faster than currently.

What Makes This Health Bonus Different:

  • It will stimulate you to do things to help you get healthier and make wiser choices regarding this!
  • It activates your cells to open up and heal health issues and all connected to them 100 zillion times faster than any other energy program/modality that heals health issues. (Including Stacey’s Income Stimulus Bonus, Highest and Best Activations, Epic Relationships, Counter Programming, Grace, Regenerate, Abuse Healing, Eye and Vision Healing, Dental Healing and Gene Replacement Program and all her other activations and programs)
  • It will multiply the effects of any other healing you are doing for health (Stacey’s and/or others) by over 100 zillion times. This special activation, activates other healing you are receiving to heal you infinitely faster.
  • It heals the whole cell including the egoic part of each cell. Stacey’s programs are still the only programs/modalities that heal the whole cell.
  • For deep health issues that don’t seem to budge, it will activate your entire ancestral line to open up so these deep patterns can be found in entirety. It will find deep ancestral patterns in nanoseconds and heal them immediately. Before it took months to find each pattern in entirety.
  • Over time, it will find all of them. Most people with issues that don’t budge have hundreds of zillions of these deep ancestral patterns. On average, it will find 1 deep pattern every nanosecond and heal it.


It will help heal all health issues 100s of zillions times faster including:

  • Mental
  • Emotional
  • Physical
  • Spiritual
  • Curses
  • Negative Entities
  • Diseases
  • Toxins/Infections including Parasitic Energy, Virus, Bacteria, Fungus
  • Cancer (does not include energetic cancer treatments)
  • Muscle and Neuromuscular Challenges
  • Mobility Issues
  • Eye and Vision Challenges
  • Dental and Mouth Issues
  • Hearing Challenges and Ear Health
  • Weight Issues
  • Hair
  • Nails
  • Parasites including Tics
  • Sinus
  • Shoulders and neck
  • Cranial-Sacral
  • Skull and Brain
  • Mobility
  • Sleep
  • Connection to Source/the Divine
  • Programmed Interference including programmed voices
  • Abuse of all kinds
  • Aging-related Issues
  • Feet
  • Limbs, Joints, Tendons, Tissue, Skin
  • Face
  • All other

The activation and alignment will be sent to you 24/7 via Source by remote healing for 1 year. There are no audios to listen to.

It will not conflict with anything else you are doing, over process you or cause any kind of discomfort or problem even if you are very sensitive.

Here’s What People Are Saying About This Health Stimulus Bonus!

My Intense Stomach Pain is Gone!

“I had such bad pain, I could not stand it. I had a terrible infection which kept me from sleeping. Nothing worked for it. Since receiving this bonus, the pain is basically gone and I am able to sleep better and enjoy life more.

I am so grateful!”

~ Gina W.

I Am A Lot Healthier and Stronger!

“I feel good overall and have the energy and strength to bend, stoop, dig, carry big rocks and garden for hours. This is my joy and I am grateful to be able to do it for longer periods of time.”

~ Dan R.

I Am Thrilled to Be Riding a Bike Again in a Way That Actually Works For Me!

“I felt excited and energized to buy a new battery assisted bike after test riding one and seeing how much the movement when riding this bike made me happy. It felt really good.”

~ Janet D.

I am content to be and do nothing more often!

“I am content to be and do nothing more often. I find I actually enjoy it.”

~ Kay C.

My Hip Pain is Gone and I Can Walk Again!

“I had bad pain in my hips and could not walk. The pain is now gone and I am able to walk a lot more!”

~Maria C.

I Am Resting More and Taking Better Care of Myself!

“I am staying in bed and resting more when I cannot sleep. I find I have more energy during the day when I do that I feel better overall. I also have better self care habits.”

~ Sally N.

My Dog Has More Energy and is Walking Further!

“My dog has challenges walking distances. Lately he has been walking much further and I can tell he is enjoying it.”

~ Don H.

I Use Hand Sanitizer and Bring Cleaning Wipes in My Car!

“I am easily doing new things needed to feel safe in these times. I also practice social distancing and find it easier and easier to do.”

~ Frankie C.

I Often Feel Healing Energy Moving Through My Body When I Am Not Feeling Well!

“On a number of occasions, as soon as I started feeling poorly, I felt energy start to move through my body to help me. It feels good to know I get help so quickly.”

~ Bonnie D.

Early Bird Bonus 2: Ends April 15th!

NEW Technology Alignment and Activation
For 1 Year!

(Value $597)

This Technology Alignment and Activation will be custom for each person in every moment based on their needs and desires. It is sent 24/7 by Source via distance healing.

In these times, being able to use new technology efficiently and with ease is very important. Source will open up your cells to clear your blocks in the way of being able to do this 24/7 for 1 year.

This activation will help heal all technology challenges 100 zillion times faster!


It will help heal all technology issues 100s of zillions times faster including even if you are receiving other healing programs that can heal these issues:

  • Ability to purchase new technology as needed.
  • Ability to use technology efficiently and effectively.
  • Ability to easily and quickly learn new technology needed and desired.
  • Have technology work and keep functioning properly.
  • If it malfunctions or breaks, be able to repair it affordably or purchase new if needed.
  • All other

For this Bonus, Technology includes:

  • Computers
  • Phones
  • Software
  • Tablets
  • Computer accessories
  • Stereos, speakers, amplifiers
  • Ipods
  • Electronic equipment
  • Modems
  • Televisions
  • Technology subscriptions to music, channels or other
  • Personal electric items like razors, toothbrushes, etc.
  • Zoom, Skype and other similar programs
  • Teleconferencing software
  • Engineering equipment
  • Mechanical equipment
  • Electronics in cars
  • Chargers
  • All other technology parts, software, equipment and similar

The activation and alignment will be sent to you 24/7 via Source by remote healing for 1 year. There are no audios to listen to.

It will not conflict with anything else you are doing, over process you or cause any kind of discomfort or problem even if you are very sensitive.

Here’s What People Are Saying About This Technology Stimulus Bonus!

I Am Able to Use My Computer with More Ease!

“I am able to use my computer with more ease. I better understand how it functions.”

~ Paula W.

I Learned How to Use More Functions in My Online Software!

“There were things I did not know I could do with some of my software programs. I am learning to use them in new ways that really help me. It no longer seems difficult to do some things that seemed difficult before.”

~ Richard W.

I Am Doing Art on My Computer!

“I took an online art class which was taught using pencil and paper. I chose to use my online software and easily figured out how to take the class that way. The result was I produced one of my best pieces of art yet.”

~Kristin B


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Total Value: $2000

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for LIFE!



Total Value: $997

Regular Price: $197

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for 1 YEAR!

Total Value: $597

Regular Price: $97

Early Bird Price: $49 (Save approx 50%)

Purchase the Technology Activation for as many people as desired by changing the quantity at checkout.

If you would also like to purchase the Health Stimulus Activation or Maker activations, click “continue shopping” near top of checkout page.

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About Stacey Mayo

Stacey Mayo is the creator of The Sentelligent Solution™, Counter Programming, Cancer Healing, Youthening, Eye Health Healing Transmissions and Regenerate and Grace Healing Modalities. She founded the Center for Balanced Living in 1995 and has been in business for over 24 years. She has supported thousands of people in getting healthier and living out their dreams. She is a successful Master Level Medical Intuitive and Healer. She is a Master Level Energy Practitioner and has created many master level healing programs that have helped people significantly.

She is an award-winning author and has appeared on the CBS evening news segment, Confident Women and is a popular speaker. She has appeared in Forbes, Newsday, the Wall St. Journal, Atlanta Sports & Fitness, Atlanta Woman and Woman’s Day. She is a former Medical Intuitive columnist for the Sedona Journal. She has been featured a number of times in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, including the piece, ‘Midlife,’ which engages people in considering how they can stop deferring their dreams.

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