Releasing Hypersensitivity

Free 20 Minute Healing Audio

(valued at $127)

If you are tired of taking on other people’s energy, staceynewsmallthe mass consciousness of fear and lack, or just feeling too darn emotional, then download this free audio and start releasing this belief/pattern of being “too sensitive” immediately.

I am providing this audio for free because I know how debilitating it can be when your sensitivity gets so strong that it gets the in way of living your life the way you desire. It got in my way for all too long and affected my health, my emotional well-being and my career.

This audio is not the whole answer, but listening to it 2-3 times helps significantly in reducing the amount and frequency of “stuff” that you take on from other people and your ability to cope in these challenging times.

Being sensitive is a gift and when you take the edge off, you will be more able to use this gift in the way it was meant to be used — one of which was, to make a difference with others.

You will also receive information about how to continue to tap into your Sentelligence
(highly sensitive sensory system) in a way that is empowering and will elevate you on your spiritual path along with articles and inspiration for Living Your Dreams.

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